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What does Show Friendly mean?

What YOU need to do…

  1. You keep the dog intact (not spayed

or neutered) till age 6 if girls and for their lifetime if boys, but you do not allow it to breed outside Irresistibull Stafford’s planned breedings.

  1. You make an effort to keep the puppy/dog socialized to new places and new people (these interactions should be purposeful and positive).

  2. People need to be able to approach the puppy/dog and touch it without the dog jumping up on them or sinking to the floor.

  3. You are diligent about nail maintenance.

  4. Do not teach “sit” unless you also teach “stand.”

What does it mean to keep a girl intact…

Your girl acts like a spayed female until she is in heat.

She will go into heat twice a year for three weeks.

This is the only time she is fertile.

You MUST make sure you are with her when she goes outside.

She needs a clean area to pee.

She will bleed from her vulva during her heat. You can mitigate blood getting all over your house by using bitch britches. You can find links to the ones I use on my “resources page.” You also have the option of dropping her off at my house when she begins bleeding.

Issues that can arise from keeping her intact: pyometra and mastitis. Pyometra is an infection in the uterus. Symptoms: fever, vomiting, refusing food, lethargy, increased thirst, frequent urination, and a vaginal discharge. If you notice any yellow or green discharge or a bad smell coming from her vulva call me and make an appointment with your vet immediately. Mastitis is an infection in the mammary tissue. Symptoms: hard spot, redness, and heat on a teat. This can occur after a heat or while nursing. Both conditions are not serious when caught early and treated with antibiotics (and hot compresses if mastitis). Please pay attention to your girl.

What does it mean to keep a boy intact…

He may try humping everything. Just correct him as you would for any other unwanted behavior.

He may go through periods when he attempts to lift his leg in the house. This typically occurs at 4 months, 2 years, and after breeding for the first time, and sometimes at age 4 and age 6. You should be keeping him in view in the house while you’re home or in his crate when you are not. Correct as you would for any other unwanted behaviors.

Issues that can arise from keeping him intact: prostatitis. Symptoms: straining while urinating, blood in the urine, recurrent urinary tract infections, back pain, stiffness in the rear, fever, lethargy or depression, loss of appetite. This is usually remedied with antibiotics. If that doesn’t work, neutering is the recommendation. PLEASE call me if this happens BEFORE you neuter. I’d like to collect (his semen) before he is neutered.


A champion title requires the accumulation of 15 points with at least two “majors.” Points are available from 1 point up to 5 points. 3 points or more are considered majors. The number of points available depend on how many dogs are entered in that particular show.

Six clusters are the average number of shows it takes to achieve a title. Shows run on weekends or in 4-day clusters. This means I will need to meet you halfway between our homes to get the dog for shows and to drop them back off after the shows. The day before a show, your dog needs to be freshly bathed and have the nails freshly done (as short as they can get). AmStaffs will also get all their whiskers shaved from the face. Don’t worry, they grow back. If their ears are excessively hairy, they may also get trimmed up.

I will need two weeks to work on training the dog in preparation for showing. However, you can complete this training if you wish by attending handling classes in your area. Or by getting private lessons from a professional handler. A professional handler is a person who shows dogs for a living, we (show dog people) can recommend one to you or you can access the list maintained by

Health testing….

As a show and breeding dog, the following tests will be done: hearts, eyes, and hips for Staffords, and hearts, eyes, hips, and thyroids for AmStaffs.


I need boys for a week when needed for breeding. If you are 30 minutes or less from me, I’ll just bring the girl to your house three days within a week provided you have a private place away from your kids’ view where we can put them together.

I will need girls for a week when breeding. She will also get an ultrasound in her fourth week, and an x-ray in her 8th week. She can stay with me from breeding until she weans her puppies OR if you want to follow a strict nutritional program, you can keep her at home till she reaches week seven. She will need to come to my house with enough time to settle before she whelps (gives birth). She will need to stay with her puppies till they are at least 6 weeks old.

What is in this arrangement for you…

  1. Free boarding: I will board your dog during its show career for free for up to two total weeks annually. I will also board your girl for you when she is in heat if you so choose.

  2. Benefits: You have options of involvement ranging from nothing to paying all health and show fees, in return you get a minimum of a puppy from one of your girl’s litters (or price of a puppy if you don’t want another dog) if you have a girl or partial proceeds from stud fees if a boy. Maximum return is half the profit from a litter if you have a girl, or partial proceeds from outside stud fees AND a puppy produced by your male (or the price of a puppy if you don’t want a dog).

  3. Your dog gets loads of great socializing.

  4. Your dog gets free training.

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