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AmStaff Puppies

AmStaff Puppies for Sale to Safe and Supportive Homes

Do you have room in your life for an energetic, intelligent, and loyal companion? Apply today to reserve one of our AmStaff puppies from Irresistibull Staffords in Georgia. Our dams live at home with us, giving our puppies the perfect leg up as loving dogs with healthy backgrounds and a properly socialized start to life. We are a recognized AKC breeder of both American Staffordshire Terriers and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier with multiple champions participating in our program.

Our AmStaff Puppies are Raised from Show Champions

Our family of champion show dogs is reigned over by Grand Champion Irresistibull I'm So Fancy, born in 2016 and earning titles across the nation. We also co-own several competing dams including Navi, Peaches, and Lotus who all have a Champion ribbon hanging on their wall. We only breed with carefully selected champion sires, so our AmStaff puppies are born with a clean genetic history. Every puppy goes home with a complete medical background for them and their parents.

Socialized AmStaff Puppies are Ready to Love You for Life

It takes more than good genes to breed a great dog. We employ the Puppy Culture method to introduce all of our AmStaff puppies to other dogs in a controlled and calm environment. They get to learn how to "speak dog" without turning toward aggressive instincts. We understand that AmStaffs need tons of stimulation, constant challenges, and dedication on the part of their human. We give them all the building blocks needed to come home to you and live their happy ever after.

Responsible Breeders Deliver Healthy and Happy Stafford Puppies

You may find other breeders that list AmStaff puppies for sale that do not verify the bloodlines of the parents or provide the support for a well-socialized puppy. We are one of a few reputable AmStaff breeders in the country that focus on promoting health and wellness above all in our program. We carefully vet every home that one of our puppies is sent to and maintain an active relationship with them throughout the life of our dogs. Those people searching for a quick purchase should shop elsewhere.

Click on our Available page for a list of current puppies. Are you set on a male or female? Fill out an application and get pre-approved for a Stafford Puppy that meets your specific wants and desires. Located in Georgia, we will coordinate for pickup or delivery of your puppy.

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