Irresistibull Staffords does not sell Staffords nor Amstaffs with breeding rights, nor do we cross breed.

If you are interested in obtaining a dog/puppy from Irresistibull Staffords, please click the link for an application: 


 We consider all of our dogs to be our responsibility for their entire lives.  Please note that this questionnaire will be used to help determine if there is a suitable match between you and Irresistibull Staffords.


Charm & Thor had a singleton in Houston TX.  We are looking for a show friendly home for her in TX or GA.

brindle male_edited.jpg

Holly gave birth to 3 babies on 11/16/22 in Monroe, GA.  She was bred to Munson.  

munson 2.jpg
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Two older puppies are available. (dob: 01/13/22)


We also have some lovely adults available to local homes in Georgia.

american stafforshire terrier
american stafforshire terrier

Mona:  red and white female Amstaff (dob: 01/17/2020); She will need to be spayed and placed after her next litter.  Mona is a 8/10 on the dominance scale and likes her space.  She needs an experienced handler or someone who doesn't have any other dogs and does not plan on walking her on leash.  She is super cuddly and sweet with her people.

Kestra:  red and white female Amstaff (dob: 03/22/2020); Kestra will be spayed and placed after she earns her conformation title, is completely health tested, and has a litter.  She is a 6/10 on the dominance scale, and gets along well with other dogs.  Kestra is a 10/10 for prey drive and will jump a 6' fence to chase a squirrel.  She needs to go to a home where she will be hand walked by leash.  She LOVES to run, so I bike with her.  She is super quiet and gentle in the house.  Fantastic with kids.

Beni:  red male Stafford (dob: 11/19/2020).  Beni is THE SWEETEST most wonderful boy ever!  He is an AKC CH!  He is looking for a home where he can remain intact for the rest of his life.  Beni is a 2/10 on the dominance scale and actively avoids conflict.  He sustained an injury to his eye and can no longer be shown.  One of his eyes is cloudy and he will likely remain on eye drops for the rest of his days.  

Zebo:  red male Amstaff (dob: 06/23/2021)  Zebo is looking for a home where he can remain intact for the rest of his life, preferably with a spayed female who doesn't tolerate shenanigans.  He will be obedienced trained, health tested, and titled prior to leaving.  He is loaded with energy and prey drive, so he will need a home with active humans.

Other litters looking for homes.

My good friend Mariah Mazurek has Amstaff puppies available in Wisconsin.  (litter one dob: 02/17/22) (all male all brindle litter dob: 06/23/22) She can be reached at

Daleesa Wyatt has a litter by Irresistibull's Heavy Duty.  They are located in Oklahoma.  (dob: 05/05/22) Her website is

If you're a breeder of Amstaffs or Staffords and would like me to link your website or add your contact info, please let me know.

Irresistibull Staffords is always looking for individuals looking to get into the show world. We have some adult dogs available to a show friendly home.  They would need to stay intact, be shown, and complete health testing. Co-owner will need to join the parent club. *Homes need to be four hours or less from Monroe, Georgia. Looking for those with training experience and a drive to succeed.