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Retired SBT GCH ShortyRock's Cisco Simmer Down Girls

GCH Shortyrock's Cisco SImmer down Girls


2011- 2017

16.25" and 40 lbs

L2HGA clear           Cardiac clear

HC clear                  OFA Hips: good

PHPV: unaffected   OFA Elbows: normal

Cisco produced one litter of 5 with Ch Aktion's Sparta the Art of War.  Three of the five were shown and attained a title of Champion.  He made the top 20 in 2015, was a grand champion, and took multiple group placements.  He was a gorgeous boy with a fantastic temperament.

brindle staffordshire bull terrier

CH Irresistibull Rock Steady


28 Nov 2015


45 lbs

L2HGA: clear         Cardiac Clear

HC: clear.                OFA Hips: Good

PHPV: unaffected  OFA Elbows: pending

Loki produced two litters, seven males with Lawstaff Attraction and 6 puppies with Ch Big River's Irresistibull Dreamweaver.  He is owned by the Hill family and lives in Colorado.

black brindle staffordshire bull terrier


Born: 07 Jul 2015

14.25" and 28 lbs

L2Hga: Clear        Cardiac: clear

HC: Clear              OFA Hips: Fair

PHPV: unaffected  OFA Elbows: normal

Cardiac: Clear       OFA Patellas: normal




Gypsy is a lovely little girl who I imported from Russia in 2015.  She produced three lovely litters.  Zelda is from her last litter.  She lives in Georgia with my sister and her family.

GCH Irresistibull Harley Quinn

brindle staffordshire bull terrier


Born: 28 Nov 2015

16" and 36 lbs

L2Hga: Clear

Hereditary Cateracts: Clear

Degenerative Myelopathy: Clear

Cardiac:  Clear

Hips: Good 



Harley produced two litters.  Holly, is from her first litter, and Chase is from the second.  She is owned by Kim Hrubes of Pennsylvania.    

GCH Big River's Irresistibull Dreamweaver

split face red and white staffordshire bull terrier


Born: 27 OCT 2016


L2Hga & HC: Clear

Cardiac & CERF: Normal

Hips: Good



Kitty produced three litters with Loki (5 pups), Chino (4 pups), and Simba (4 pups).  She is owned by Evan Pinsky of Georgia. 

So far, she has produced 6 Champions.

CH Irresistibull Rogue One


Born: 09 JUN 2019

L2Hga & HC: clear

Hips: good

Cardiac & Eyes: normal



Holly produced 4 puppies in two litters.  She is owned by the Whitescarvers and lives in TN.

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