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 I'm Linda Lavender, and I entered the professional dog world in 1996 training dogs for Command Performance.  I entered the world of Conformation Showing in 2009.  Jennifer and Kevin Sheppard of Ambition Amstaffs handled Ziva, my first show dog, to her Championship Title.  Every weekend we went out, Ziva won something.  I was HOOKED!  I then acquired a FANTASTIC Staffordshire Bull Terrier from Michelle Bryant and Sandra Carter of Shortyrock Staffords

I was able to complete the goals I set with Cisco.  1: I finished a dog. 2: I ranked him in the top 20 with only 8 months of showing. 3: We received placements at the 2015 Nationals.

Since then, I've titled many dogs and have had dogs win placements at Westminster.  I look forward to adding more people to Team Irresistibull and to seeing what more I can accomplish with my dogs. 


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