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Updated: Jan 19, 2023

July 2022

MonaVie has been bred to Eddie. Their puppies are due late July early August. She went from having 11 puppies on her ultrasound to 3 puppies on her x-ray. These puppies should all be red or blue fawn. Blue fawn is NOT Blue/Gray. It looks more like taupe with gray eye, lip, and nose pigment.

Since Mona is an Ataxia carrier, any show potential puppies will need to be tested for it. It is an autosomal recessive disease and requires an abnormal copy from BOTH parents to be affected. NO symptoms occur when they are carriers. Eddie is Ataxia Clear, so half the litter is expected to carry one copy (NO Symptoms/NO Suffering). If you're not breeding your dog, this will not matter at all in the quality of life for the dog. She is cardiac clear has normal eyes and "good" hips.

Mona is a two year old American Staffordshire Terrier. She is dominant and drivey in a tiny 16.5" package. She is also super cuddly and willing to please her people. If I had more time, I'd to explore dock diving, lure coursing, fast cat, barn hunt, and rally. I'm sure she would excel at all tasks presented to her. After she weans this litter, she will be spayed and placed in a pet home. Let us know if you prefer adopting an adult over a puppy. Since she is dominant, she will need to go to a person with skills, knowledge, and experience in handling this type of personality. She has a working personality. Ideally she will be placed with a calm dog of opposite gender who is larger than she is.

Eddie lives in Atlanta with the Carroll family. Eddie earned a 5 point major the very first time he entered the ring. He is super attached to his family and lives with a neurotic German Shepherd and a cat. He loves lounging around with his humans at home.

He is very energetic and excitable at the show, so we know he DOES have SOME energy. He has finished his champion title and begun his health testing. He is Ataxia Clear, Cardiac Clear, and has passed his eye test. We are waiting on his hip and thryoid results.

Both parents have one leg of their Temperament Test. They need one more to gain a certificate.

Mona and Eddie welcomed 5 puppies on 7/28/22. Three boys and two girls. Two of the boys are blue fawn (dilute of red). Two puppies have been reserved. Three are still available.

Shots and microchips are coming up next week. Yay!! We will also begin desensitizing them to the dremel, so you can easily do their nails weekly as recommended. We will be taking them to me meet a lovely Bull Mastiff named Myrtle and two quirky Chihuahuas named Turtle and Squirtle. They have been raised with cats.

Please submit an application today and remit a deposit to get on our Amstaff waiting list.

Fall 2022 / Winter 2023

We are waiting for some of our Stafford girls to come into season. We plan on breeding Holly (TN), Valkyrie (GA), and Charm (TX). We will have brindle and reds. If you're interested in getting on our waiting list for Staffordshire Bull Terriers, please submit an application and remit a deposit. The deposit will go towards the purchase price of your puppy.

Charm and Holly have both been bred. Charm was matched with Thor and is due on 10/10/22. Holly was matched with Munson and is due on 11/13/22.

Charm had one puppy, and that puppy has been placed.

Holly had three puppies. The female has been placed. The two males will need to stay in the breeding program for now. This means we are looking for local show friendly homes for them.

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